What makes a good trade show display?

  • Aug 7, 2018


An outstanding trade show display isn’t just dumb luck or popped out of a box in 10 seconds flat. Surprisingly, it isn’t the most expensive booth either. Whether you’re a trade show veteran, a newbie to the expo scene, or even just a regular attendee you’ve probably figured this out. Instead, time and creativity prove time and again to make an okay display great, as well as these critical characteristics.

Consider incorporating some of these elements in your next booth to amp up your booth presence and wrangle more leads. 


Logoed items at a tradeshow booth used to be par for the course—pens, caps, letter openers, T-shirts, mugs. Giveaways repping your brand used to be snatched up by curious visitors. However, these logo items tend to fall flat these days. Experts agree that millennials are more about experiences than material objects. They’re also the demographic filling up trade shows in recent years. They’ll probably skip over your company stickers in favor of sampling food, drinks, or playing a game at the next booth over. To keep them interested in you and your product, offer an experience rather than tchotchkes bound for the trash.


Having handouts at your tables such as business cards, flyers, and more is a necessity. However, you shouldn’t blow your entire trade show budget on these. Instead, invest in clear, crisp, and eye-catching booth elements that attendees can see from across the room. Bright graphics, a vivid backdrop, and quality lighting will draw curious show-goers to your booth. A major bonus is that when taken care of, your booth elements will last a lot longer than those rack cards. 


What’s the best way for one booth to capture attention out of a sea of banners, tables, and displays? Do something that no one else is doing. Breakaway from piles of cards, sign-up lists, and repetitive pitches to think about how to be different. Expo guests quickly get desensitized to spiels and similar booths. If you disrupt the routine, you’ll promptly capture and keep attention. Disrupting might mean including big and flashy technology elements. Investing in high-tech details such as digital signage, touchscreens, or even inventing an exclusive mini-app will be an eye-grabber. If that’s not in your trade show budget, think creatively about the wants and needs of expo attendees. Is the trade show in an enormous space? Create a branded rest area with your booth. Guests will be happy to get off their feet and maybe sip subtly logoed water. 

With these key aspects, show-goers will be sure to remember the thoughtful company behind their positive experience.